Meet Our Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Happy customers say it best!


Ethan Ketchum

Hutchinson, KS

“There’s honestly not a better bed. From pulling posts to tamping posts to welding to feeding to loading the 4-wheeler. It’s a ranchers right hand man”


Darren Jackson

Coldwater, KS

“I bought my first bed in 1994. With its easy controls, engine driven pump and overall toughness, I was hooked! Since then we have purchased a total of 11 Hydrabeds. My family and I own and operate a cow/calf ranching and farming operation. We can feed large pellets, small pellets or grain with no adjustments at all.”

John Greenley

Knox City, MO

“I have one on a 2015 Chevy 3500 and one on a 1983 Chevy that dad put on in around 1997. I use mine almost daily for something since the day we got it in March of 2015 and used the 1983 every day before that. We also have two tractor mounted unrollers (Hydra TM-2000) that are so simple to use. I think these are the best looking bale beds I have seen. I wouldn’t change a thing about them and we haven’t been able to tear them up at all.”

Allen Carpenter

Forsyth, MT

We have one of the Hydra PHD’s (post hole digger) and it is great. Keep good teeth on it and grass out of the teeth and it’s a drilling son of a gun.”

Randy Sletten

Peerless, MT

“I bought my third Hydra Bed about a month ago after owning another brand and there is no comparison. I also own two Hydra Grabbers and they are also the best I have seen. My favorite product you build is the Hydra FLKR – a simple product that is affordable, durable and the most effective way of feeding large square bales I have ever seen. I sold my bale processor and from now on I will always have a Hydra Bed and Hydra FLKR. Thanks for the great products.”


Drew Montague

Carthage, MO

“My wife and I are first generation back to the farm with demanding schedules to sustain our dream of running cows full time. Purchasing a Hydra Bed was the easiest decision I’ve had to make as far as farm equipment is concerned. Seeing all of my customers and the abuse their beds took made the decision clear. Not only does my Hydra Bed and Hydra Feeder make my cow chores easier, it gives me the opportunity to be on the road more and take better care of my clients. I have a 2015 GMC 3500 with a 3200 Hydra Bed and the 1200 lb. Hydra Feeder. This bed has stood up to every kind of bale from 5’ x 6” dry bales to 4’ x 60” alfalfa haylage bales that weigh up to a ton. The Hydra Feeder has also saved so much waste because I can more accurately deliver the correct amount of DDGS (Distiller’s dried grains with solubles) when supplementing cows.”


Richard Knewtson, DVM

Lola, KS

“I have owned my Hydra Bed for a little over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. I was looking at a competitive brand when a client who owned both suggested I should consider the Hydra Bed. I can still haul two big round bales with my four foot vet box mounted on the front of the beds. Having practiced most of my career out of a tailgate accessible box, I am pleased with how clean of an environment setting the box up in the front of the bed is. Driving down dusty roads blows the dirt off and there are a lot less problems with leaves, hay and cow hair while working out of the box. It is worth the step up! My first years’ experience has all been good and I wouldn’t choose any other unit if I could do it over again!”


Korey Thomas

Blair, OK

“I do not normally write companies about things, but I feel it is necessary to tell everyone about Triple C Incorporated’s excellent customer service. On January 20th the electric motor on my HF1200 burned up after only a few months of use. The next morning I called the dealer where I bought it and they asked me to call Triple C directly to see if they could help me any faster since the dealer said he didn’t have any motors in stock. I called the office at Sabetha and talked to a gentleman named Randy, I told him what happened with my feeder. He tells me that he will call me back within 30 minutes. I am quietly thinking to myself at this time “this is the start of the run around”. About 30 minutes after I hang up the phone with Randy I get a call from Steve Woods, The Triple C rep from Vernon, Texas. He says he has a meeting at 10 am and asked If I could wait til about 12:30 before he got here.

At 12:30 Steve shows up at my place with plenty of spare parts and he changed out the motor on my feed box without question or hassle. I am very pleased with the rapid service I receive in regard to this matter and will continue to be a customer and will tell this story to other potential customers for you. The fact that I didn’t even miss one feeding and was down for less than 24 hours means a lot to me. Yall build top quality products and I have been very happy with my feeder and the pro spear bed I had purchased a few years earlier.

Mechanical things will break in this world, the big difference in this kind of equipment are the people and companies standing behind their products. ”

Virgil Brandon

Newkirk, OK

“We flake 3 x 3’s of alfalfa into inverted tractor tires with the Hydra FLKR, handle round bales, pull posts and all those other farm tasks required.”