Integrated hydraulic retreival payout

More than just a reel transport bed

HydraWinder™- an innovative, patent pending hydraulic retrieval and payout attachment for the HydraBed® Reel Lift bed for light trucks. The HydraWinder™ is a bolt-on option that equips your crews to safely and efficiently retrieve or payout cable and conduit from nearly any size reel using your existing 1-ton and larger trucks. The compact unit features variable speed control and easily adjustable tire-to-reel contact pressure. Crews and their managers benefit in many ways from the system’s unique ability to retrieve or payout from a large range of positions including from directly above a handhole or vault. In addition, the self-stowing, “always ready to work but never in the way”design of the HydraWinder™ offer substantial efficiency and safety to busy job sites and tight deadlines.

2 Year


5 Year



  • Quickly adapts from reel transport to winder
  • Self stowing – doesn’t interfere with valuable deck space
  • Variable hydraulic speed control
  • Assists in controlling cable backlash
  • Can be positioned directly over handhold/vault
  • Adjustable spring tension drive wheel assembly
  • Safely and efficiently retrieve or payout cable and conduit

Design Details

  • Accomodates Reel Diameter from 30″ to 102″
  • Variable tension provided by spring and tire
  • Payout or retrieve cable or conduit
  • Easily integrates with Hydrabed Reel Lift


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Add functionality while reducing jobsite vehicles and equipment.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it…

“The addition of the HydraWinder to our Reel Lift HydraBed has been huge for our crew. When we need to pull fiber through conduit or out of a handhole we no longer have to back up a reel trailer. Because we are able to position the reel above a handlhole we can eliminate awkward angles that need to be corrected with sheaves and pulleys. We can payout the fiber into a figure eight, pull it through the next bore, wrap it up again and we’re ready to take off. Combining our Reel Lift HydraBed with a HydraWinder has eliminated a truck and trailer from the jobsite. We knew the investment in this combination would save man hours but it has exceeded our expectations.”Steve Sunderland, Owner of T-Ray Contruction, Blaine MN


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