HydraBed Reel Lift

Sabetha, Kansas

HydraBed is celebrating 30 plus years of adding value and ease to your hay and general feeding practices. Since 1986, HydraBed has kept cattlemen at the forefront of its daily operations with a full line of equipment sold across the country. Recently, HydraBed has taken its expertise in livestock equipment and applied their unique designs to the construction industry introducing the HydraBed Reel Lift.

“Though the product is new – we’re not new to the construction market,” said Jay Russell, HydraBed general manager. “The Hydra Bed was introduced to the ranching industry in 1983 and it didn’t take long for other industries to see the value in handling their specific materials. The HydraBed Reel Lift is a purpose-built unit with unique features aimed at providing better solutions for those handling reels.”

Designed to save time transporting reels to and from the jobsite, the new HydraBed Reel Lift equips your one ton 60” or 84” chassis/cab dual rear wheel truck to do just this. The RL-3350 (8” wide by 9’9” long) is designed to mount onto 60” length and the RL-3550 (8’ wide by 11’9” long) mounts onto 84” length. Both models have the same lifting capacity – 5,000 lbs. The reel lifting arms will handle reels up to 102” in diameter and 56” in width. An under the hood clutch pump is the standard method of powering the bed but a PTO pump can also be utilized. The hydraulic system is controlled by a valve located in a top body toolbox located at the backpassenger corner of the bed.

“When we got serious about serving the construction market, a decision was made to get a couple of units on contractor’s trucks and let them give us feedback for a year,” said Russell. “In early 2016, we entered into a research and development partnership with T-Ray Construction of Blaine, MN and MP Nexlevel of Maple Lake, MN. The feedback we received was so useful. Without this we would have had no way of knowing the challenges the industry faces in regards to securing the reel axle.”

The result of this feedback was an automatic snap latch that can be opened easily with one hand. Plus, there is no risk of losing any sort of pin because there are no loose pins utilized in the design.

“This piece of equipment has helped us be more efficient at all types of jobsites,” said Jay Fischer, MP Nexlevel equipment asset manager. “In crowded metro environments by being able to haul a reel of cable or duct on the truck bed, we can eliminate another trailer. In rural areas where the jobsites can be a good distance from the storage yard, this has helped us get more material and equipment to the work area with less trips. We recommend the HydraBed Reel Lift to anyone serious about getting the work done on time.”

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